one we have an update limit of 4 weeks! your journal must be updated once a month! you must also be active in subcommunities. this includes commenting people's intros, posting in the subcomms, and just generally being active other than just on aim. if you intro but are not active in subcommunities, comments and such on the friends page you my be overridden. if you are accepted to the community and do not post an intro to ~voucher within 72 hours you will be removed.
two currently there will be no character limit. however, do not take more than you can handle. they will all be judged by the same rules but let's not character hog. plus we want the community to be alive and active and it is hard to do this if a certain amount of characters are just dead weight.
three your celeb's journal name should consist only of letters of their name. no extra x's, underscores, or anything like that. the same goes for aim names as well. we do not care what your layout or icons look like as we are not picky about things like that but please have at least one clear icon of your celeb.
four there will be no crossing of in character and ooc lines here. just because your character may not get along with everyone does not give you the right to bash other people ooc or to cause unnecessary drama. if you are found to be causing ooc drama, letting ooc drama seep into ic interactions, or bullying anyone in general you will be removed. the mods are here to help. if there is something that can not be resolved quietly, you may bring the troubles to us so we can try to fix it.
five first person in decides the relationship status of irl significant others so if you are thinking of joining into something like that please contact the person who was in first before applying to see how they are portraying it.
six pregnancies are allowed and will be for a period of 4-5 months. if you need it to be less than this please contact a moderator and we can talk it out. we are not unreasonable people. also if your character is pregnant in real life or has a child, the child or pregnancy may not be ignored. you must acknowledge the child of your celeb.
seven these rules are subject to be added to, amended, or changed at the moderators discretion at any time or as problems arise. however it will always be done in a fair manner, and the community will be made aware of any changes.